Proactive Fire Protection


Every commercial building owner wants the people working in it and those who visit it to be safe and secure at all times. Compliance is necessary, but it is nothing to get stressed about. When it comes to fire safety, we can expertly help you find a more efficient method of managing your buildings compliance needs.

Have you considered…

  • Is the compliance schedule you currently have for your business accurate to protect you, your staff and your assets should the worse occur?
  • Does the Compliance Schedule list specified systems in your building that aren’t actually installed?
  • Are your current compliance costs more than they need to be?

Our Proactive Approach will give you peace of mind…

Our inhouse fire protection experts will evaluate the adequacy of the buildings current Compliance Schedule alongside the actual specified systems within the building, their condition, and their respective performance standards. Next, we will recommend a testing and maintenance regime.

This will:

  • Prevent unwanted council BWoF surprises.
  • Improve the efficiency of your current method.
  • Avoid wasting time and unnecessary costs.

Through our experience, we know that good communication with the respective parties and a proactive approach is all it takes to eliminate any fears and uncertainty. You can take advantage of the potential cost savings that are there to be made, with a proactive approach to fire protection.


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